Travel Inside


Knowing old and interior villages of Gran Canaria their history and culture and practice yoga in a historical city.



Journey through the interior of ancient nature and contribute witho the ecological ecosystem in an estate of laurisilva old vegetation canaria that is in process of reforestation.   


Firgas Route

 Also we could put all that knowdlege together  in a beautiful print fabric workshop, called ECOPRINT, learn how to create natural fabrics in a totally ecological way.

 It is a type of botanical printing, in which the natural elements are placed on the fabric already prepared to dye.

The fixing of the color of the natural elements to the fabric is produced by the application of heat and humidity.

Therefore, there are several ways of proceeding.


 DSC 0259

So you are a different agent to contribute with the environment. Good for you.

 Really you dont want to lose this experience. !!!

If you want all the details about this route send us a mail I will send you the brochure with all the information.

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