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Sometimes all of us we say we dont have time to practice  yoga, meditation, asanas or another disciple, it is true that nowadays we are going with a tight schedule work, families and anothers duties but in another hand also if you really want it you will do it. 

You can select the style VINYASA, HATHA, RESTORATIVE  or  YIN/YAN YOGA eventhough only MEDITATIONit is up to you.

 If you want to improve and having a treatment one to one  (more individual focus) this is your class.

We can focus in your body, your injuries and really which are you achievement.

We will go more over from the yoga class, you will be able analyze your habits and routines, and according with your body, besides we can development a special yoga plan for you.

If you want to achieve more quickly target and improve your personal practice understand much better what it is good or wrong for you


  • Full focus in you personnal practice and aligment
  • In general you will achieve more quickly to your goals.
  • More deeper working from the physical and emotional perspective.
  • More connection with yourself and your inner peace.
  • So I can go whatever you need at the time that you need it.

Also you can find additional informationa about the benefit of private yoga classes. 


What´s bring ONE to ONE session?


For more information you can contact with me or booking a schedule.


See you at hotel/villa or even though in the garden !!!





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