Massage Session


The therapy that Marcelo practices uses techniques like Shiatsu on the physical body (the most dense) to close with the rest ... in a more subtle way, as a healing touch of Reiki .

Marcelo understands that in the interaction with Universal vital energy, our bodies can go on a path of harmony between the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

Our BEING is composed of at least four bodiesPhysical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual .. and many times, these are in tune with the universe and in other opportunities not so much.

When we have imbalances in any of them, we can understand that being related to each other ... the other bodies will also have alterations-
We would fall into a mistake just believing that it is the physical body that has discomfort and that the others .. are in balance .. This is the body that often becomes the last resort to warn that we need to seek balance in our BEING .


  • Deep relax for your body.
  • Release of the tensions of your muscles and bones.
  • More deeper working from the physical and emotional perspective.
  • More connection with yourself and your inner peace.
  • So I can go whatever you need at the time that you need it.

Also you can find additional informationa about the benefit of shiatsu massage.

For more information you can contact with us or booking a schedule.


See you at in your villa/hotel or even though in the garden !!!





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