Kids Yoga Class

Kids Yoga Class

I dont have children but I really feel a deeper love from them, I have my cousin´s children and my friend´s children, all the time I try to spend time with them with quality, if I give some presents all the time they are productive and creative.

 Some of the yoga sequences with children.

 I like that they grow up independen, they take their own decisión, they know that they can be everything what they want and there is not limits.

I have worked during several years with different group of children, not from the perspective of yoga, more from the perspective of helping there and taking care.

My philosophy about education is more near of a open and free school, Montessori  and Waldorf are two big branches, in the next links you can see more information.

Montessori Education

Waldorf Education

 We mustnt put our fears into there and devolping theirselves, so these thoughts bring me again to the yoga path with children.

Currently I´m teaching children yoga classes in:

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Additional information and articles:

Yoga for children my first impression

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Because children are the FUTURE.

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