Lake Atitlan Vibes, Guatemala

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SPA and Wellness Retreat in Atitlan Lake, Guatemala


If you want to discover Lake Atitlan from a proposal of relaxation and security this is your best option.Come here to disconnect from all your problems and concerns, take some time for yourself and connect with your breathing, with the opportunity to look at the horizon and not think about anything.

Connect with the sensation of feeling cared and pampered, and observe from there how you feel.

Connect with the present here and now.



Yoga session and Massage are our centre activity , we bring you a wellness and spa day at your home with a super personalized treatment, we adapt to your needs.

First of all me have a private meeting with you, to know whatever you needs and expectations in order to create the most pleasant and comfortable environment for you.

We are integrated about all the values that yoga phylosofy as the eight fundamental of raja yoga, principles non-violence, respect, simplicity.

Also our idea it is you have a full fit experience in the lake, so we have so many options to give you, as we will be the best trekking, the most beautiful villages depends which you want to see, the most charming restaurants, another activites as kayaing, paddle board-sup, snorkeling, bird watching our beautiful "Quetzal".


If you want to connect and help to the local indigenous people, we have great contact and friend who are different in different proyect around the lake with education for the child, taking care of the environment and another things...that it makes you feel more they will make you more participants of the movements and development activities that are in the lake.


 This project has been created for recovery the local economy with tradicional craft trades and important mention sustanaible impact, we evaluate our enviromental impact and taking action in order to create 0 impact in these actions. So we tried to help as much to the local people and to the enviroment.


Really if you´re coming to our personalized health retreats (SPA and Wellness) you will be a directly agent for recovery the environment in Lake Atitlan or unless dont contribute with the deterioration of our ecosystem.

So you will part of the change that we want to create!!!




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