About Me...

Why  YogaByGema (In Gran Canaria) ?



My yoga and tour project in Gran Canaria coming from my big passions travelling and especially yoga, which has been my engines for the past two years.

For these two passions I have traveled around the world and I have had many experiences, always joints my two hobbies and especcially having a better lifestyle.

I traveled looking for new experiences, cultural, gastronomic and especially exchange between local people, flowed and always sought to feel something outside the tourist world.

So in many cases I ended up in contact with local people, knowing the history of their families, eating with them and also in some cases living ... I tried to feel out of the standard comfort zone to make my trip alone, and in that I was accompanied by yoga and meditation in many of the continents, countries and islands where I lived.

A path that lasted 10 Months and in that time every momento when I was in a place and felt I needed to stop or just not be with the rest of fantastic travelers or backpackers I did it (I listen myself a lot )

In this road I found I looked for new yoga studios, I visited temples and was in touch with local cultura, this makes me feel more integrated and in contact with the environment where I lived, closer to the breathtaking nature of this world.

The rice fields of Bali and my training as a yoga teacher, the beaches, palm trees and Buddhist temples of Thailand, the Mekong River with its characteristic brown colour and all its way from North to South of Laos where it offers us such an interior and intriguing landscape, Vietnam where I deepened in Hanoi´s life and especially in the study Zenith Yoga where I learned from how to develop a good yoga class  from the perspective of the instructions... in Cambodia the two studies of Phophem Pheng did not leave me anything indifferent ... and my experience in Battambang with Vipassana meditation retreat shaking me quite strong.

From there I flew to Thailand and I traveled between Thailand and Malaysia for that reason to renew my Visa, Malaysia was an unexpected and yet much more cosmopolitan and developed country that I have thought , where I found for instance that Muslim religion was superintegrated in all the senses ... I loved it ... although the rain did not make the trip very accessible.

And finally Australia and New Zealand during one month each one, there as a super-fast trip I did not get a chance to visit any studio but if I come across Sydney with my friends from the yoga training teacher we did in Bali almost one year before.

 Two great countries where development and balance for life and nature have felt more balanced than in Europe and not to say of the United States.

In each country I took a few strokes and I love each one of them and the time that lived there.

During all those experiences I traveled and searched for yoga studies and also gave yoga classes, in most cases outdoors so I love that feeling enjoy nature.

In 2015 I came to the Canary Islands first a year in Lanzaronte where I was in Teguise and Tinajo teaching yoga classes, and later here in Gran Canaria and La Gomera, also simultaneously preparing the exam of tour guide ... so I've been thinking about this Yoga project around the Island of Gran Canaria from that moment where we can unite it with the local culture.

If you want to join to my routes throughout the island in the most representative places and above all with the local contact of the people of Gran Canaria, they have so huge heart ... I will  feel like at HOME.



Let´s go it to discover Gran Canaria in a different way!!!