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If you want to discover Gran Canaria in a different ways, going out from the standard, typical and massive route, being in contact with the nature and intimate with different landscape you should to check our different routes.



Yoga session is the centre activity or the common activity in all our routes but it is more than yoga, it is the integrated about all the values that yoga phylosofy as the eight fundamental of raja yoga, principles non-violence, respect, simplicity.

Feeling the wind in your face, and smelling different flower and plant aromas from Gran Canaria, such as the incienso canario, salvia blanca or another which also are cultivated around the island as romero or tomillo.

Another plants that you can see during our treeking  depends of the season are tabaibas, tilos, brezos, viñatigos, palo blanco, acebiños, fayas, bicácaros  salvia amarilla, tajinaste blanco, or helechos...between others.


 This project has been created for recovery the local economy with tradicional craft trades and important mention sustanaible impact, we evaluate our enviromental impact and taking action in order to create 0 impact in these actions.


Really if you´re coming to our routes you will be a directly agent for recovery the environment in Gran Canaria or unless dont contribute with the deterioration of our ecosystem.